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Corporate Collections

Corporate Collection Services

A byword for confidence and taste, K Auction offers an array of services for corporate art collections.
Our experts in every field will assist you to maximize the value of your collection.

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    With our knowledgeable specialists and expert system, K Auction is singularly equipped to appraise the value of your corporate collection.
    We offer appraisals for all modern and contemporary artworks including sculpture and installation as well as Korean traditional art including ink paintings, calligraphy, Buddhist art, porcelain, and craft objects.

    * We offer appraisals for all purposes, including auction estimates, private sales, estate valuations, insurance valuations, and loan collateral valuations.

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    K Auction provides individualized sales strategies to achive the highest prices for your corporate collection in the quickest time frame possible.
    To this end, K-Auction's various auction systems (Major, Premium, Weekly) and private sales can be used based on the value evaluation of K-Auction experts.

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    We assist corporations in selecting and acquiring artworks at reasonable prices to revitalize their office spaces.
    Our specialists are available to consult with you on every aspect of building a collection, from selecting artworks within your acquisition budget, transport, insurance, and installation, to the future direction and management of your collection.

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    Collection Management and Special Occasions

    We offer services to assist in creating a long-term professional management system of your corporate collection.
    Our expertise comprises all aspects of collection management, from imaging and documentation to artwork research, inspection, and condition reporting.
    We also assist in planning for special exhibitions and auctions, designed to utilize your collection to the utmost.

Sales Management Team TEL: +82-2-3479-5824 E MAIL : art@k-auction.com

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