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Founded in September 2005, K Auction is Korea’s premier auction house.

K Auction holds Major Auctions, Special Auctions, Charity Auctions, and Private Collection Auctions, offering Modern and Contemporary artworks by major Korean and International artists as well as Korean Traditional Arts and Crafts. K Auction has worked to revitalize and expand the domestic art market, holding approximately 80 Online Auctions per year.

K Auction formed a competition-based structure in a formerly monopolized market and began holding auctions based on fair and transparent market pricing, resulting in rapid improvement in the domestic art market. We have striven for a healthy and robust art market built on reasonable pricing, fair competition, and a transparent and trustworthy retail infrastructure, and will continue to support the development of the art market and the cultural sector to the best of our ability.

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Our History
  • 2020 Opened an exhibition hall dedicated to online auctions
  • 2019 Singer Henry donated all the profits from the charity auction (MBC TV )
  • 2018 Chun KyungJa's Prairie II sets record for most expensive artwork among artists sold (2 billion KRW) / Yoo YoungKuk's Work sets record for most expensive artwork among artists sold (600 million KRW)
  • 2017 Kim Whanki’s Tranquillity 5-IV-73 #310 sets record for most expensive artwork sold at auction in South Korea (6.6 billion KRW)
  • 2016 June Summer Auction / Kim Whanki’s 27-VII-72 #228 sets record for most expensive artwork sold at auction in South Korea (5.4 billion KRW)
    First Weekly Online Auction
    Received the Creativity Award at the Mecenat Awards in South Korea
  • 2015 First Solo Hong Kong Auction / 89% of lots sold
  • 2014 Second consecutive White Glove Sale / 1st & 2nd Chun Collection Auctions
  • 2013 First White Glove Sale in South Korea / Chun Collection Auction
  • 2012 Record hammer price for Korean Traditional Arts and Crafts / Album with Handwriting of Great Scholar Yi Hwang and Song SiYeol (3.4 billion KRW)
  • 2011 1 Charity Auction
    4 Major Auctions
    2 UAAs (United Asian Auctioneers)
    6 Online Auctions
  • 2009 Offices expanded and relocated to Shinsa-dong Building
    First Vintage Timepiece Auction in South Korea
  • 2008 First corporation in the Korean art market to engage in social responsibility and outreach
    First Charity Auction
    First Hong Kong Auction
    First Asian Auction Week (Combined auctions from four Asian countries) held in Hong Kong
  • 2007 Offices relocated to Cheongdam-dong Building
  • 2006 First Online Auction
    First Special Auction
  • 2005 Most expensive artwork sold at auction in South Korea
    Record for highest total achieved in a single auction (4.87 billion KRW)
    First Major Auction
    K Auction established
What We do
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    Live Auctions

    With the unending innovation and enterprising nature of its specialists, K Auction leads the Korean art auction industry. We offer a diverse range of Korean and International Modern and Contemporary masterpieces as well as Korean Traditional Art and Craft. Along with Major Auctions, we hold Premium and Weekly Online Auctions as well as curated themed auctions.

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    Online Auctions

    Launched in 2006, K Auction’s Online Auctions enable collectors to bid without restrictions of time and space through a simple online registration process. A wider range of prices, media, and artists offers increased accessibility to first-time collectors. Online Auctions consist of Weekly Auctions and Premium Auctions, which offer works in a slightly higher price range. All artworks offered in Online Auctions can be viewed in person at K Auction’s exhibition spaces.

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    Private Sales

    Private Sales is a request-based system in which clients may access a greater diversity of artworks and collecting options. K Auction’s collective experience allows for accurate pricing and tailored service for sellers and buyers.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    In 2010, K Auction became the first in the Korean art market to devote a part of its activity to social responsibility. Since then, we have continued to uphold our commitment to social responsibility while adhering to our strengths as an art auction company, donating proceeds from various charity auctions to the Korea Mecenat Association. As a result, in November 2016, we received the Creativity Award at the Mecenat Awards. We will continue to support the expansion and development of the art and cultural sectors in South Korea.

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