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K Auction & String

About K Auction&String

K Auction&String offers comprehensive services for professional musical instruments, including sales, purchases, and auctions.
Our experts are trained in Cremona, Italy, the traditional center of string instrument production. Their technique and craftsmanship are available to restore, repair, and care for your instruments.

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    Instrument Repair/Restore/Care Service

    All services are conducted meticulously by our experts at reasonable cost to you.

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    Instrument Consultations

    Our experts are available for consultation to improve the condition of your instrument and adjust the sound. Our Private Rooms allow for professional testing of instruments without hindrance. TelephoneTelephone: +82-2-3479-5829, +82-2-3479-5830 EmailEmail:kstring@k-auction.com

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    Repair Fees
    Soundposts KRW 100,000 ~ KRW 150,000
    Bridges KRW 80,000 ~ KRW 350,000
    Neck Resets KRW 500,000 ~ KRW 800,000
    Crack Repairs On request
    Instrument Restorations On request
    Bow Rehairing KRW 100,000 ~ KRW 120,000

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