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Why K Auction

K Auction welcomes artwork consignments and rare items. K Auction offers both on/offline auctions including Hong Kong Sales. K Auction makes extraordinary effort in finding the potential buyers for your work. We would like to reiterate our great enthuasism for prospective consignments and the excitement the works will generate at auction.





Please submit images, any related information regarding the work via our homepage, e-mail or by post. You must fill in the your contact information including the name of the consignor, address, and contact details (telephone/email).
(Name of Consignor, Contact information, Name of Artist, Title, Size, Medium, Date of Artwork, Provenace, Images of Artwork)

By Homepage

Please click on the Consign to a Sale tab on the top and log-in to start the consignment process. Once you log-in, please enter the your contact information and information on the artwork.

By Email

Please use the email address from below and provide the your contact information and details of artwork.

Email : art@k-auction.com

The Content of the Email

By Post

Please send the personal information and details of artwork to K Auction, Auction Specialist, Art Tower 23, Eonjuro 172gil 23, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.



Deliberation Guide

The submitted artwork will be examined by the K Auction specialist and K Auction aim to contact the Consignor within 7 working days.

For any Consignment inquiries, please email : art@k-auction.com   |   Main number : +82 3479 8888

and Contract

04.Appraisal and Contract


Appraisal and Contract Procedure

1. K Auction specialists will provide consultation upon the Estimate Price, Sale Date and Marketing startegy on the artwork via telephone/email.
2. After the consignor decides to proceed with consignment, the consignor must deliever the artwork to K Auction at his own risk and expense.
3. Once the artwork arrives to K Auction, the artwork will be thoroughly examined for its actual condition, quality, authenticity and its appropriateness for Sale.
4. Finally, when both the Consignor and K Auction agree upon the details of consignment, the contract is wirttien, signed and processed.

  • Please note that K Auction may, in its sole and absolute discretion, withdraw any Lot at any time before the scheduled time of sale of such Lot without prior notice. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further assitance.

05.Payment for

05.Payment for Consignment

Payment for Consignment

Payment for Consignment Guide

After the Lot is auctioned, K Auction will be in contact with the Consignor individually to inform the Hammer Price if the Lot has sold successfully. Once the full paymentis made by the successful bidder (generally within 15 working days after the Auction ends), the commission fee is charged and the remainder of Hammer Price is transferred to the Consignor.

The Commission fee

In respect of any Lot, you shall pay to the Company pursuant to, and in accordance with, the terms of Consigment Agreement the seller's commission (the "Sellers Commission") which will be 10% of the Hammer Price. Please note that if a Lot fails to sell, the Lot must be removed and transferred at the Consignor's sole risk and expense. For further assistance, please contact K Auction via telephone/email.